Dylan Consulting develops many forward-thinking solutions for several distribution channels that we currently work with, such as:

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Worksite Marketing

This marketplace has changed so much over the past 50 years, but Dylan has developed solutions to better serve the employer and brokers with products that are more flexible to the changing needs of the marketplace.

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General Agencies

These agencies continue to fight the rising cost of marketing programs to their agents, and provide solutions for their agents in a new way to make money in the business. The industry standards of insurance commissions have been outdated for some time and Dylan Consulting has developed new ways to support this distribution channel.

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For many years associations have struggled to secure group guarantee issue coverage like large national associations, with no success. Dylan Consulting provides a solution to as many 18,000 associations who seek group products that they have been unable to secure.

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Union Groups

Today many members who supplement their income through entrepreneurship can qualify for programs through AFEUSA. These benefits have no participation requirements.

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Credit Unions & Banks

These financial institutions desire to increase their value to current members, and also attract new members. Dylan Consulting developed a safe, affordable, and simple way to offer new products and services with a turnkey solution.

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Direct to Consumer

This channel is growing significantly to reach consumers directly versus going through an agent. Dylan Consulting has developed easy to enroll, simple insurance plans that are guaranteed issue to participate.

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Inbound Call Centers

Call Centers answers an ever-increasing volume of calls for consumers seeking insurance programs. Dylan Consulting has taken the lead in providing affordable programs to this growing market segment. We have over a dozen products that fit this market and interface with our technology for simple enrollment.

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Franchise Owners

This industry continues to face challenges in providing affordable benefits that are meaningful. There are many programs that provide nickel and dime benefits. Dylan Consulting’s product offering offers meaningful benefits that require no participation or employer contribution for less than $15.00 per month.

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Multi-level Marketing

This is one large segment of 1099 workers. Insurance coverage for this group is very challenging. Dylan Consulting offers the perfect solution for many insurance programs with guaranteed issue underwriting.

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Financial Planning Firms

These firms work with many small and large businesses. Many of their clients want to supplement coverage to round out core benefits. Dylan Consulting provides these agents with products for their clients that are easy to participate in without any underwriting or exams.

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Senior Marketplace

Seniors today are having to work well past the age of 65. In fact, with the rising cost of living, many of them are securing non-employee income. That is why Dylan Consulting has secured many products that are guaranteed issue for this marketplace up to issue age of 80.

See the Dylan Difference

Dylan Consulting has over 40+ years of experience within the group and individual marketplace nationally. We deliver advanced solutions to Consultants and Brokers dealing with challenges facing ACA.