Dylan Consulting provides forward-thinking solutions within Life and Health Programs.

Worksite Marketing/Voluntary Benefits

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In 1993, Wayne Goshkarian developed a program called “Benefit Communication,” now mainstream, with laptop enrollment for over 8,000 casino employees. Flash forward to 2020, and he has reinvented the outdated, 50-year-old commission arrangement. He understands the cost associated with Voluntary Benefits or Benefit Communication, so he developed a modern solution that meets the needs of brokers and enrollment companies. With this in place, they can deliver competitive plans while providing commission revenue that supports the time, money, and investment needed to market Voluntary Benefits. It’s 2020, not 1970.

Brokers and enrollment companies bear the costs of offering Worksite Products, including face to face, call center, or even self-enrollment platforms. The costs to your bottom line are large, your renewals are small, and the employer is expecting re-enrollment and other services that are simply hard to support. Carriers can be quick to improve products and technology but are slow when it comes to you getting paid.

We have developed a commission system that meets today’s needs when you offer Worksite Products. This program gives you the opportunity to grow your renewal income more than any other program offered by carriers in this industry. In many cases, we can quote much of what carriers are turning down.

Association Plans

Dylan Consulting, LLC is taking the leading role in providing solutions for this marketplace. Many Affinity Marketing Agencies are finding challenges with compliance, ACA rules, carriers in and out of the marketplace and products no longer being offered.

These programs include:

  • Limited Medical Plans
  • Short Term Medical
  • Short & Long Disability
  • Hospital Indemnity Plans
  • Dental & Vision
  • Cancer & Critical Illness
  • Accident Medical
  • Senior Programs
  • Life Insurance
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Affinity Solutions

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Whether it’s a new block or rollover from a current client. The Affinity Marketplace has many markets going through major changes due to the ACA, carriers going out the market, and some coming in, but who are these new carriers?

At Dylan Consulting have collected many carriers, what we call as “Tier 2” who have products but don’t play in the Tier 1 space, they don’t show up at conferences you attend. These carriers are all AM Best “A” or better rated, and are admitted in most if not all states.

Also, Tier 1 carriers also compete very closely in plan designs and pricing. Many times Tier 2 tend to be more aggressive delivering good news to your clients.

Pharmacy Plans

We provide pharmacy programs for Limited Medical, Short Term Medical and Group Medical Carve Out.

We work with the nation’s leading Managing General Underwriters (MGU’s) of FULLY INSURED & SELF FUNDED Rx Plans. We have a number of plug & play programs designed to have your firm up and running instantly. We can also customize programs around you and your client’s budget!

Pharmacy is one of the most used benefits and the clients experience with this benefit will determine whether they keep your plan long term.

Our most popular benefit is our 10/30 Program. It provides $10 Co-Payment for Generic or the lesser off and $30 Co-Payment for Name Brand. They have access to 100% of the Chain Pharmacies and 90% of Independents.

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Executive Plans

Executives dedicate their time and energy to the success of a business. This program can reward them with a valuable package of benefits designed to meet their health needs and support their busy lives. 

The Executive Plan pays cash directly to your key executives, which can then be allocated toward medical bills as well as other cost of living expenses like transportation and other bills incurred during time off of work.

Our executive plan provides these flat fee payments for a variety of medical services. It includes up to $100,000 in potential benefits for:

  • First Day Hospital Admission
  • Daily Hospitalization
  • Inpatient Surgery
  • Emergency Room Visit
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Additional Dental Coverage
  • Additional Prescription Coverage

See the Dylan Difference

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