Our Role

There is a new paradigm for Individual and Benefit Programs due to the ACA. Who should your company do business with and what products should you be selling? We have never seen so much change, then we see now.

Which approach is better for your company? The Consulting Broker Approach™ is a benefits philosophy, rather than a process. It’s a philosophy that seeks to combine the best of what consultants and brokers provide clients.

The Strategic Planning Method™ is our five stage process that allows us to discover our clients’ needs and goals, design creative plans and solutions, coordinate planning resources, secure financial instruments and services, and manage performance results for our clients.

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In this phase, we get to know you and what your visions, values, and goals are, making them out own for the life of your project. We discover your dangers, opportunities, and strengths, giving you an overview of what our solutions may achieve.


Our in-depth Discovery Interview, Company Financial Philosophy, and Strategic Strategy Blueprint. Expand upon the Preliminary Interview to focus on key visions, values, and goals and establish client-driven priorities.


We gather data, isolate and quantify potential problems, and explore solutions. This effort combines the experienced team at Strategic Financial with a diverse range of advisory specialists and product resources.


We coordinate with your potential legal and financial advisors as directed to complete documentation of the plan and define the administration procedures for the next phase. We make sure the plan gets executed properly.


Moving into Management Phase, we secure any necessary service agreements to better define our mutual responsibilities. We monitor ongoing results and respond to unforseen needs, sitting on your side of the table for the long term.