Brokerage Services

We help independant brokers and agency owners to grow their businesses, be more profitable and more efficient. Welcome to the new way of doing business in the health insurance industry.

High Level Commission

Our commissions have not changed since I have been in the industry since the 1970s. Our new commission system creates the ability to increase your income each year without starting all over again. We’ve built a modern-day way to make money. This is a game changer for your business, because now you can develop a retirement income, while increasing the value of your business so you can one day sell it.

Online Platform

Insurance technology is typically built by people who have never sold insurance, let alone ever met a client. Our online platforms were built by people who have experience selling insurance. Our technology requires no training to enroll someone and is as easy as buying something from Amazon.

Guaranteed Issue Products

This is a big deal!
Approval for coverage is guaranteed! Anyone who wants to purchase coverage can do so.  This alone will increase your income by 40-60%. All the insurance plans offered are group products, they’re affordable, and require no medical history or exam.

Agency Owners

Agency owners, like agents, are familiar with the increased costs of doing business. Thanks to our guaranteed issue products, high-level commissions, and user-friendly technology, our programs allow you to increase long-term revenue while reducing overhead. 

Fully Vested

Our agreements are fully vested, which provides long-term benefits to you and your agents. We also don’t accept Broker of Record (BOR) on your current block of business.

More Marketing Opportunities

In addition to minimal industry restrictions, our product selection, guaranteed coverage approval, and seamless enrollment technology will provide you with more opportunities than ever before. This program takes you to over 10 verticals.

See the Dylan Difference

Dylan Consulting will bring its cutting-edge entrepreneurship to your next case. We have the Vision, Values, and Goals to meet and exceed your expectations.