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someone trashed the 50-year-old commission system for Worksite Marketing!

If you’re like most, you’re spending more time, and more money to get to the same worksite $$$.

Introducing Wayne Goshkarian, President of Dylan Consulting, and this is what he has found:

  • Products have changed for the better for the employee.
  • Technology has advanced to offer coverage including benefit communication and online enrollment, and to track almost anything you want.

Voluntary Benefits used to be called “Payroll Deduction Life, Section 125 Offering, Benefit Communication, Ben Admin.” What we call it has changed, but you are spending more time with the employee, overhead costs for enrollment have tripled over the years, and renewal income has little value for retirement, even if you sell your agency.

About Us

The Consulting Broker Approach

Dylan Consulting, LLC provides a Consulting Broker Approach for mid to large distribution agencies nationally. These companies market health and life benefits to both employer and individuals in the marketplace. Dylan Consulting also provides services to the growing senior market.

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The Problem

Brokers and enrollment companies bear the costs of offering Worksite Products, including face to face, call center, or even self-enrollment platforms. The costs to your bottom line is large, and in many instances, you are in a cash business. Your renewals are small and the employer is expecting re-enrollment and other services that are simply hard to support. Carriers can be quick to improve products and technology, but are slow when it comes to how you are paid.

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The (Modern Day) Solution

We have developed a commission system that meets today’s needs when you offer Worksite Products. This program gives you the opportunity to grow your renewal income more than any other program offered by carriers in this industry. In many cases, we can quote much of what carriers are turning down.

Interested in learning more about a new way of making money in Worksite Marketing?