Pebble Beach Conference

March 22nd – 24th, 2023 at Spanish Bay Resort, Pebble Beach, CA

We are facing major challenges within our industry, between the ever-changing marketing place, the evolution of ACA, and the carrier and compliance departments’ handling of these changes.

This event provides a small group of industry leaders the opportunity to discuss these challenges in-depth, with the goal of filling the gap between the industry and present-day reality.

All in attendance will have a full scope of the issues at hand and provide interesting and productive discussion for professionals. Plus, if you enjoy playing golf at Pebble Beach, Spyglass, or Spanish Bay, the full 3-day program will allow time to do just that.

When you have Carriers, Underwriters, Compliance and Brokers in the same room, a lot can get done!

This will be the best event you’ll attend!

Contact Wayne Goshkarian at to see if you qualify to attend our next event.


Men sitting around a large table having a meeting with one man presenting