Wayne Goshkarian is the Founder and President of Dylan Consulting Services, LLC, a benefits consulting company in Scottsdale, AZ and has been licensed since December of  1977.

Wayne Goshkarian has been a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters since 1985, and the National Association of Life Underwriters since 1990. He has won many industry awards, and has qualified for others including the MDRT Round Table and Top of the Table.

Having been a featured speaker at industry conferences including, NAPES and MI2, Wayne Goshkarian has additionally contributed numerous articles in Life Insurance Selling, The Business Journal, Nations Business, Employee Benefit New, Workforce Magazine, among others.

In the early 1990’s, Wayne Goshkarian turned his attention to worksite marketing, identifying opportunities that had been overlooked by most all insurance brokers. He applied his cornerstone philosophy, “people want to do business with people with integrity and honesty,” and worked to bring in a new generation of worksite marketing.

With no time wasted, Wayne Goshkarian continued to redefine standard industry practices and worked on a laptop-enrollment system to communicate core benefits and voluntary benefits. It was one of the first of its kind, and a big success. The first lap-top enrollment was done at the MGA Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 1993, followed by Red Lion Hotels, Ameristar Casino’s.  This was over 10 years before the industry even looked at this being a method to use.

In 1999, Wayne Goshkarian turned to the worldwide web, and help developed a web-based enrollment system for employees to check their benefits and change their profiles. By redefining worksite methods through application of tools such as the Web, he sees his company as “pioneers of the 21st century – giving back to the client and doing good things for them while dealing fairly with the brokers.”

Wayne has consulting, enrolled, and provided services to companies like Safeway Foods, Mariner Post Acute Network, Children’s Hospital, Red Lion Hotels, Rio Hotel and Casino, Ameristar Casino and many other large national companies.

Wayne Goshkarian has achieved success by believing in himself, and by showing integrity, honesty and drive in all that he does for his clients, his family, and himself.

Dylan Consulting Services now provide it advanced consulting solutions in this ever changing marketplace.